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22/05/16 – Finished SNES commission. Check out “Commissions” page for details and videos. Contact me (via “Contact me” page) if you want to commission me to make a system please.

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26/04/16 – Finished the N64 tabletop system, working on the SNES one now. Video for the N64 system:

25/03/16 – Taken deposit for two tabletop systems from a guy in USA; one for N64 and other for SNES.

Working on those now. The N64 system should be done in a few weeks, will upload video of the system when it is make, then i’ll make the SNES system, which will take 2-3 months longer to make.

14/03/16 – uploaded YouTube video of commission just completed, the last handheld system i’ll make as a commission – all future ones will be with tabletop design which is far nicer in my view and also more “retro”. Anyway, the project build and link to the YouTube video is HERE

Thank you for keeping in touch with this website, appreciated. Site is getting around 100-250 unique visitors a day, which is great.

yt50My YouTube channel has many videos, some not shown here, which might be of interest – please click the logo if you want to have a look. I have re-made the site from scratch, making the guides streamlined, simple and clear. The guides here are mods I have done myself or developed/improved upon.

There is a Q&A section where you can ask questions on modding or give general feedback and i’ll try to reply as best I can, although I anticipate that the majority of questions will have answers in the reference sections.

Unity system update

Unity system – New master controller is finished and fully tested, works great on the console systems completed so far. Decided rather than making similar looking videos of each console add-on I would instead compile them in the final video as a complete presentation; which is likely to happen mid-end 2016. Whilst I know the interest in modding retro video gaming systems is far less than it was, the Unity system I am sure will generate a wave of interest over the net. It will be awesome! Progress on the system is slower now than was, as instead of making new systems I have been playing Unity. I have made a good start on the next system though, GameCube; as the Wii was finished a few weeks back.

UPDATE – (Mid December ’15) : GameCube works on Unity system, just need to cover the casing which is a quick process.



I will continue this between doing commissions.

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