Introduction and site progress news

Firstly, thank you for keeping in touch with this website, appreciated.

It looks like this site is still getting quite a lot of viewings, which is excellent, and makes it worth my time doing the work on this site.

yt50My YouTube channel has many videos, many not shown here, which might be of interest – please click the logo if you want to have a look.


I have re-made the site from scratch, making the guides streamlined, simple and clear. The vast majority of the guides here are mods I have done myself or have developed or improved upon.

This is the final version of the website and will remain on the net for the next few years.

There is a Q&A section where you can ask questions on modding or give general feedback and i’ll try to reply as best I can, although I anticipate that the majority of questions will have answers in the reference sections. If you prefer to send an email then there is a contact form available to get in touch.

The core guides have already been uploaded and remade; although there are still a few dozen more mini guides to upload.

For the Unity project, decided to remake the master controller, so am in the process of making a new guide for that from scratch – frankencasing