n64 commissions

I consider these to be the best I have made so far, very happy with how they look. Nicer to use than traditional handheld only systems – this unit can be played tabletop or handheld incidentally.

Standard specification:

PAL console * 5″ widescreen LCD * Runs off two standard camcorder Sony NP-F550 lithium batteries (not included, see below) which are interchangeable in system so no downtime when voltage runs low (or external power if you have a spare transformer rated at 7.4v-12v DC at 2 amps or more) * Low LED voltage circuit * Jumper Pak * Painted in two colours

System price for above £375 plus delivery (see below)

Options – please add the below to order as required (price includes installing the parts too):

Expansion Pak instead of Jumper Pack (see here for details) : £30

Either Rumble Pack or Memory card (a lot of games do not save, depends what you play, also if you have an Everdrive you don’t need a memory card) : £15

NTSC system not PAL (unless buyer supplies; these are expensive to get in UK) : £30

Choose own paint colours rather than stock. Colours will be from standard wall paint colour ranges : £10

Decals (you provide images to put onto casing, i’ll print onto vinyl) : £5

Delivery – £15 UK, tracked and insured delivery. Outside UK is dependent upo

n destination; I will confirm this cost when I prepare the final pricing.

Terms and conditions – Payment in British Pounds only. Terms : £200 in advance plus the cost of the optional extras if applicable (see above) to secure commission. Remainder to be paid when system is completed and prior to dispatch. No refunds on deposits made and commissions are only accepted once deposit is paid.

You will need to buy some Sony NP-F550 or compatible li-ion camcorder batteries and also charger. I would recommend you buy two compatible chargers and either two or four batteries, so when the low voltage LED light illuminates to indicate the batteries are running low you can replace them with charged battery packs if you have four instead of two. Compatible chargers cost around £2.50 each with USA type plug and £5 for UK style from Chinese ebay sellers, and the batteries around £5.50 each. The batteries are rated at 7.2v or 7.4v (either is fine), go for the ones which are 2500mA as two of those working in parallel provide 5 amps which is enough to power your system for around 3 – 3.5 hours depending on the games played. I cannot provide batteries with the system

whatsoever, even a watch battery, due to postal restrictions. If you require the system with a memory card you will need to pop in a 3v flat battery yourself into the system so it can work.

If you wish to proceed, please send me an email on the “Contact me” page detailing your requirements for the system based on above, country and PAL/NTSC preference; i’ll reply to confirm details and final costs so you can proceed to commit.

I can only take on one commission at a time so if there are orders pending I will update so you know when your system is due to start work on.

Guarantee – labour only; buyer needs to pay carriage both ways as well as parts if needed, there is no guarantee provided – “sold as seen” – hence why i’ll make a video demonstrating the system working and tested ful

ly prior to your final payment. A video will be supplied to the buyer before final payment made to show the system completed and working.

Bear in mind these systems are hand made so there will be minor blemishes, not “shop quality” although are made as high quality as I can. As these are not commercial products, the plastic is painted not dyed, so if the system gets scratched the paint is liable to come off in those places – in other words please “use with reasonable care” to maintain the finish.

If there are any Customs or Import taxes on the item when it gets into your country, you will of course be liable for paying those yourself.

Any sensible questions, please feel free to email me via the Contact page.

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