I have made many systems to date, here are some of the systems I am proud of:

Project Unity
The most comprehensive retro video game console system ever made. Fact.

This is the prequel to Unity, which i’m working on at the moment, which looks and performs better than Project Unity – a true successor.

Project Unity enabled 18 console systems to work from one unit, using original hardware only; one PSU, one SCART, one controller. Awesome. In saying that, it is heavy, cumbersome and ugly – but functional. Ignore the website address in the video, used that domain before this one.


Nintendo N64 portable. The vacuum forming was not easy and the case halves needed much work to close properly but the end result was rather nice. The screen was a PSone 5″ screen and the portable gained a lot of interest at the time on the internet. The connector under the system seemed a good idea at the time however in practice, having the buttons to control volume and brightness should have been on the console, as I did with other systems.

And another N64 portable:

This uses a 7″ widescreen Pillow car reverse screen.

A mini N64 console

Buyer only wanted console to play one game so it was hardwired into the system. Normally, the system would be expected to play all cartridges of course.


TurboGrafx portable. Similar case to above. Decided to sell it if anyone is interested.

BigBoy Advance

GBA with large screen, using SNES clone and GBA adaptor; 8″ screen.

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