Top 5 Florists You Can Buy Flowers From Online Auckland

If you’re a fan of easy-going yet chic floral arrangements, then check out Devonport-based Roma Blooms Florist. Their curated bouquets feature a range of colours from sorbet tones to light and soft schemes.

True inner-city kiwis will appreciate Ponsonby-based Nina for Flowers’ aptly named ‘Grey Lynn’ bouquet. This dreamy collection of flowers comes in a variety of vases, from classic to clear and mirrored.

La Femme Fleur

If you love the Parisian concept of treating flowers like a necessity, a flower shop for every day, check out La Femme Fleur. You’ll spot their wee truck at Coxs Bay and the Mt Albert market on weekends, or you can order a bespoke bouquet.

True inner-city Jafas will appreciate a posy from Ponsonby-based Nina for buy Flowers. Their bouquets are one-of-a-kind, and they’re even on hand to deck out your home. Dreamy tulle and a touch of rustic beauty make them one of the best flower delivery services in Auckland.

Roses Florist

Sitting alongside Ponsonby Road’s stylish boutiques, this florist is all about the aesthetic. From a namesake bouquet of roses to the more elegant Brooklyn box, their sleek arrangements will leave your loved one with their jaw on the floor.

For a romantic gift, try Istoria’s dreamy posies and frosted roses in a vintage-style box. They also sell a selection of sweet treats and homewares to add extra flair.

Le Tropiques

For a floral delivery that’s as much art as it is bouquet, look no further than Le Tropiques. The bespoke bouquets here are nothing short of spectacular (think unicorn blooms in 3-D baskets or super sleek sets of roses in mirrored or clear boxes) and are guaranteed to score you some serious brownie points with your loved one.

The Botanist is part cafe, part florist and tucked away in Shed 13 at City Works Depot. The green-fingered folks here are all about minimalism and embracing flowers’ natural ‘wild’ beauty. You can opt for a one-off floral delivery or a monthly subscription of their signature bouquets.

Flowers After Hours

Florals are a great way to show your love for someone special. Roma Blooms offers a wide variety of flowers and gifts that can be delivered to your loved one on the same day. They have beautiful posies and bouquets that are sure to make anyone smile.

Located in Parnell, this boutique florist prides itself on personalisation. Their specialized team will create the perfect bouquet or arrangement to complement your event, dinner party or special gift. Their bouquets are jam-packed with colour, texture and depth.

The Flower Delivery Company

If you want a flower delivery that looks like it came out of a rom-com, Fabulous Flowers & Gifts is your go-to. They specialise in bespoke, hand-crafted bouquets that include their signature white in a box.

True inner-city jafas will appreciate the Ponsonby-based Nina For Flowers’ aptly named ‘Grey Lynn’ bouquet. She also has a curated curation of Indrig Starnes’ beauty products to add a touch of luxury to your delivery.

They have same-day deliveries if you order before 1:30 pm. You can also choose from a variety of gift ideas.

Nina For Flowers

Jorge Luis Flores aka Nina Flowers is a Puerto Rican drag queen, DJ, activist, and professional makeup artist. She was a contestant in the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and currently holds dj residencies around the US.

If you’re after a floral bouquet that looks like it’s straight out of a rom-com, look no further than Nina for Flowers. Their online boutique flowers are wild and lovely, romantic and free, allowing the blooms to display their natural beauty.

Wandering Willow

If you’re looking for a gift that lasts way beyond Mother’s Day, check out this Auckland business, which specialises in breathtaking dried floral arrangements. From bespoke wreaths to wedding posies, they’re the experts when it comes to creating timeless pieces your loved ones will treasure forever.

For bouquets that look like they stepped straight out of a RomCom, head to Le Tropiques on Jervois Road. They’re the masters of bespoke flower delivery in Auckland, offering options such as their ‘designer’s choice’ option and a personalised subscription service.


Based in Sydney, Hermetica Flowers is one of Australia’s best experimental florists. This creative studio loves telling stories through floral arrangements. They specialize in creating structural bouquets and captivating botanical installations.

The Flower Crate, out of Hamilton, New Zealand, focuses on using locally-grown flowers. They’re also committed to the environment and social justice.

Inspired by nature, Isadia Floral’s Isabel Johnston and Lydia Reusser take an intuitive approach to their designs. They work with local growers and even grow some of their own flowers to ensure no two bouquets are alike.

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